Research Works

LTE Wi-Fi Link Aggregation

            LTE and Wi-Fi are orthogonal radio access technologies, which started to converge. This work is about what would be the best aggregation architecture and challenges faced in aggregation and improving the benefits of aggregation. Check this white paper for more information check LWIP White paper.

Application Aware Multipath Routing in SDN

            Application awareness emphasis that a network is capable enough to finding which application that a user is working on currently, and make routing decision based on the kind of application. Since, SDN has the entire topology of the network, route finding and resolving this problem can be done easily.

For More Details, Please check this research Paper. AMPF: Application Aware Multipath packet Forwarding using Machine Learning and SDN

Use of signalling to send M2M data in LTE Network

           M2M devices to communicate through LTE Network has to follow the same procedure which H2H devices use, even though they have very less data to transmit. This makes M2M control signals more as compared to data generated. Also, this signalling reduces the throughput of H2H devices. So,we proposed a new protocol by which less data generating M2M devices will be served in such a way that their control signalling will be reduced.

For more details look into Document.Will Be Posted Soon

- Jan 2017